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Low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.
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I am very impressed with the service provided by Ms Petia Vasseva at Adapta Consult Ltd. The turnaround of her responses was very quick. The care she provided was absolutely impeccable. Ms Vasseva organised everything from meeting my daughter at the airport throught to her release from hospital and followed up with the doctor in charge to ensure that we are fully informed of the final diagnosis. I am very grateful to Adapta Consult Ltd and will recommend them to any potential customers.
With kind regards,

Silvia Mannion

"I would like to express my gratitude to company Adapta Consult Ltd and personally to Mrs Vasseva who organised medical treatment of my daughter in Bulgaria.She is very helpful and warm person.
I am very grateful to the doctors in the pediatric ward who took very good care of my child.

Thank you to all of you!"

Mr Dawood AlRabea

Thank you very much for your help. It was very helpful to advise me about lymph drainage. Keep on the good work!
With kind regards,

Maria Alexiadou

"Excellent response with full details and on time. Petya is the one how arranged me everything from day one with professional services and advised with professional doctors as well as well known hospitals, she keeps checking about my condition all the time, now my knees is improving, many thanks Petya and God bless her always. I highly recommend to deal with adapta consult especially with Petya".

Best Regards

Mohammad Albeeshi