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English speaking doctors certified by Bulgarian Medical Association.
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Why Bulgaria?

Low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.
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Plan the trip to your doctor!

Qualified medical doctor will consult you and will offer you the proper procedure/operation.
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Terms and conditions

between Adapta Consult Ltd, the patient and the provider of medical treatment
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Plan the trip to your doctor

Step by Step in brief:

  • First: Send us all your medical documents or explain the medical case if you are not getting the opinion of your GP /or specialist/.
  • Second: Qualified medical doctor will consult you and will offer you the proper procedure/operation.
  • Third: Receive the operation/procedure you need and combine it with short stay in some Spa hotel or centers in Bulgaria.

In detail:

1. Analysis of medical needs

You have to give us the necessary information and we will contact you in order to investigate your medical needs and travel preferences in a more detailed way.

2. Consultation with medical specialists

With this information and the given records Adapta Conult Ltd consults its medical providers in order to find the most suitable option for you. The medical consultants of Adapta Consult Ltd make recommendations about your treatment. We take into consideration your personal preferences. After that Adapta Consult Ltd gives you an initial estimate of costs in a short time. When we determine the all aspects of medical solution and travel details, Adapta Consult Ltd will give you a detailed cost quotation.

3. Organizing your medical travel

We give you detailed information concerning the recommended hospitals, doctors and operation, possible days of accommodation, additional services. You will have the time to discuss our recommendations with your personal physician to be sure that you are confident with your decision.

4. Confirmation, scheduling and booking

After your conformation via e-mail or telephone Adapta Consult Ltd will arrange all elements of your travel. At this moment you will be informed for the initial payment. We will organize and book your transportation, accommodation and desired services. Upon request, a medically qualified escort can accompany you during your travel to Bulgaria. We create a schedule for the journey and your medical treatment in Bulgaria and answer all your questions.

5. Travel to Bulgaria

According to our agreed schedule a member of our staff will pick you up from the airport and take you to your planned destination /the hospital or the hotel/. We will coordinate the contact with the hospital. We will assist you with currency exchange in Bulgaria. We organize transport to all appointments at the hospital and back to the hotel. We will give you information and advices about: cultural differences, sightseeing, dining, shopping etc.

6. Hospital admission and treatment

After admission, the hospital specialists will confirm your diagnosis and investigate your current state of health. The doctor will also assess the state of your medical condition by performing any tests and consultations that are necessary. Before the medical intervention itself begins, the nurse will give you a paper with review with the procedure's potential benefits and risks. If you agree you will sign the agreement personally. Now the treatment can start. You will contact mainly with the staff of the hospital. They conduct the process. Adapta Consult Ltd will help you if you have some nonmedical disturbances. The moment of discharge will be arranged just from the doctor. After that we will take care for you again. We can organize translation of the discharge papers to your language.

7. Recovery and rehabilitation

If you decide to recover yourself in the hotel or Spa rehabilitation clinic /if the doctor recommend it/ we will organize it. Adapta Consult Ltd stays in close contact with you and the doctors responsible for you.

8. Leisure activities

When the doctors decide that you are ready for discharge you have many options. If you wish we can organize for you some more time in Bulgaria to rest and relax for further recovery or we can arrange your journey back home. If you decide to stay some time in Bulgaria, Adapta can arrange for you a stay in one of the numerous, Spas in Bulgaria.

9. Return home and follow up

We stay connected with you throughout your stay abroad. Our aim is to help you with any post-care issues and make you feel safe and adequately looked after at all times and wherever you are. When you get ready to travel at home we will organize the transfer to the airport.