Why medical services in Bulgaria?

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English speaking doctors certified by Bulgarian Medical Association.
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Why Bulgaria?

Low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.
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Why Bulgaria

Bulgaria's major claim to fame as a healthcare tourism destination is the proliferation of high quality, low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Nature & History

Bulgaria is located in South Eastern Europe in the heart of the Balkans. It is one of the most ancient countries in Europe which has existed for more than 13 centuries. It is a perfect destination for holidays, with summer and winter resorts, rich culture, traditional values and extremely low prices.


Health services are quite advanced and the medical experts well trained and qualified.
Only the best high-school students are admitted to medical schools in Bulgaria.

The minimum duration of study is twelve semesters. The theoretical and practical elements of medical training are well coordinated. Six state final exams verify the students' theoretical and practical competence in medical subjects.

Post-graduate training is required for recognition as a specialist and takes four, five or six more years to complete. Successful completion of the specialist training is assessed in a final examination. Bulgarian doctors are required continuously to exercise their profession with due care, to pursue further training and to live up to the trust placed in them as members of the medical profession. Furthermore, the Bulgarian health care system ensures that all physicians and medical staff regularly participate in Continuing Medical Education Program.

Hospitals and clinics

Nowadays in Bulgaria there are more than 200 hospitals and clinics. The bigger part of them is private. They offer treatment in all medical and dental specialties and the competition is serious.


The correlation between price and quality is the best reason to choose our offers.
The additional benefit is the lower costs compared to similar services offered in the USA and other European countries. The country being already a member of the European Union is governed at all levels by the European Union legislation and is safe and secure from all aspects.

An independent opinion from one internet article:
„Why consider Bulgaria?
Choosing Bulgaria as a destination for health tourism is a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

Although the country does lag behind the rest of Europe in areas such as transport and other services, this lack of development does not extend to healthcare. Coming here for private treatment means considerable savings on your treatment, and your living expenses will be cheaper too. One good tip is to stick to the better developed resorts aimed at foreign visitors. Here you can enjoy the best of both world – high quality facilities at surprisingly low prices.

Alternatively, you can head out into the countryside and discover a proud, patriotic people who offer a warm welcome and strive to make a good impression. This should be done with care however, as very few Bulgarians speak English and the national Cyrillic alphabet can be very hard to decipher on road signs. To add to this confusion, locals will shake their heads for yes and nod for no.

A tasty legacy of Bulgaria's oft conquered past is its food, with elements of Greek, Turkish and Balkan cuisine fusing to create memorable meals of mouthwatering spiced lamb, for little more than a few pounds a head.

One of the biggest attractions that bring medical tourists to Bulgaria is the thousand or more natural spas across the country. These have been attracting visitors since Roman times, with warm, mineral rich waters and muds laying claim to all manner of healing and rejuvenating properties. The most famous of these spas have been fully developed into major tourist centres, with high quality hotels and facilities for the most discerning guests.
Bulgaria's major claim to fame as a healthcare tourism destination is the proliferation of high quality, low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Forced to keep prices low for poorly paid locals and competitive for foreign healthcare tourists in a crowded market, these clinics can be up to 80% cheaper than their UK equivalents.

Combine this with the stunning scenery and relaxed pace of life along the Black Sea Coast resorts, or the breathtaking vistas and fresh air of the mountain retreats, and you have a very special package for your overseas healthcare trip.